Warm Weather Brings Increase in Business to Local Tree Farm


RUNNELLS, Iowa  —  The weekend of Thanksgiving is a traditional time for many families to put up their Christmas tree–as long as they can fit the tree through the front door.

Miller Tree Farm in Runnells saw a steady flow of customers on Friday. The warm weather has increased foot traffic this year.

The farm gives shoppers the chance to pick and cut down their own tree or choose one already cut. While the tree is part of the holiday tradition, the owner of the farm says he doesn’t lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas.

“We try very hard to have people understand the real meaning of Christmas here, because that’s how we feel, and we like other people to feel the same way, real trees for real reasons and happiness for everyone,” said owner Jack Miller.

Miller has been growing trees since 1954. Each tree takes about seven to eight years before being ready to cut at Christmas time.