Massage Envy Facing Hundreds of Sexual Harassment Allegations

WASHINGTON D.C.  --  A woman who says she was sexually assaulted during a massage is coming forward.

Tara Woodley told Washington, D.C. police a masseuse assaulted her at a Massage Envy location in September. He now faces a charge of sexual abuse in addition to another charge of attempted sexual abuse from August.

The woman joins nearly 200 others in claiming assault by a Massage Envy employee. She filed a lawsuit under the name Jane Doe, but recent events prompted her to come forward.

"In the wake of all the Harvey Weinstein cases and the politicians, and I just was getting fed up. And I felt like there are so many women who are being so brave and so strong, and I think that I can be one of those too. And that's what I'm trying to do. And I'm, I'm channeling their courage right now," she said.

Massage Envy calls the incidents heartbreaking, saying one incident is too many.