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New Club Allows Urbandale Students to Use Lessons in the Real World

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URBANDALE, Iowa – A new after school program at Urbandale High School is taking class lessons and using it in the community.

“Hope in Action” started fall of 2017 when Senior Maya Sims wanted to make a difference in her community.

“When we talk about spreading hope, what we are really talking about social responsibility, and just recognizing we as human beings have the responsibility to take care of each other just because we are human beings,” Sims said.

The group is addressing various social issues. The group has already created a free library in the Oakridge neighborhood and is working with the Iowa Youth Homeless Center.

Social Studies Teacher Jon Parrott said the point of the group is to change the community.

“Our focus is not about us, it’s about serving others. That’s what we are trying to do,” Parrott said.

Sophomore Cassidy Killam said since the group started, she has a different perspective on life.

“After being in Hope and Action, I noticed more things such as if I have pantry items that I don’t use, I see homeless people every single day in the same place. Under a bridge near my house, and I will give pantry items to them. It really just makes me more understanding of people, what they are going through,” Killam said.

Parrott said every week more students want to get involved and help make a change.

Junior Katie Heiliger said the best part for her is seeing all the hard work pay off.

“I think this club really represents empowerment. Not only for us as students, but for the entire community,” Heiliger said.

Hope in Action continues to supply books for its free library as the group expands to other ventures.

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