Jury Seated in Nicole Finn Trial

DES MOINES, Iowa-- Opening statements are expected to start Friday in the trial of a Des Moines mother accused of starving her adopted daughter to death.

16-year old Natalie Finn died of a heart attack brought on by starvation in October of last year.

Both her adopted mother and father are charged in the case, and the first trial will begin tomorrow.

Prosecutors were looking for a total of 16 jurors,12 seated and 4 alternates.

Both sides asking the group questions, trying to get to know them to gage if they'd be a fair juror.

Earlier we spoke to a family law attorney who says, in such high-profile cases, jurors are expected to stay off social media.

“Jurors are instructed that they can’t use their cell phones they can use the internet social media or the news to investigate the facts of this case the most important thing is justice is served," Jennifer De Kock attorney at Wandro & Associates said.

The trial for Finn's husband and Natalie Finn’s adopted father Joseph Finn is scheduled for January.