One Person Injured in Drive-by Shooting Near Lincoln High School

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Des Moines Police are looking for a drive-by shooter who injured a man outside Lincoln High School on Thursday.

Police were called the Git-N-Go on Southwest 9th across the street from the school around 2:45pm when a man walked in suffering from a gunshot wound to his arm.  Police believe he was shot one block away in the intersection of SW 9th Street and Loomis Avenue.  Bullet casings and shattered glass were found in the intersection.

Police caution that the shooting did not happen on school grounds, did not target the school and no one in the school was in danger.  However the shooting did happen just after classes were dismissed for the day.

Lola Estes has lived across the street from the school for decades.  She was visibly shaken after the shooting.  "It is frightening, but at least it`s daylight. I`m not quite as concerned because it is daylight, although we are not safe anywhere, anytime in this city anymore.  But living across from the high school you see all kinds of things so I thought perhaps someone had fallen down hurt, until I came outside and saw all of the cars."

Police say the victim's injuries were not life-threatening.  A suspect has not been named.