Tight Budget Reduces Iowa Ag Requests

A tough budget year has pushed the Iowa Department of Agriculture to limit their request for more dollars.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey says because of a challenging budget situation they have put forward a lean budget proposal. The only additional funding request is a $150,000, which will go to the Ag department's Animal Industry Bureau to help prevent foreign animal disease outbreaks.

Earlier this fiscal year, the ag department received $100,000 to hire a Emergency Management Veterinarian.

Northey also requested continued funding of $10.575 million to support the Iowa Water Quality Initiative and also asking for continued funding to close Agricultural Drainage Wells ($1.875 million) and help the Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program ($3 million).

Northey says, "I do believe it is important we continue to invest in priority areas, including taking steps to better protect our state’s vitally important animal industry.”