Protestors Seeking Justice for Two-Year-Old Girl

POLK COUNTY, Iowa  --  People gathered at the Polk County Courthouse on Friday morning, saying they want justice for a two-year-old girl.

Serenity's adoptive father Joseph Crisp is charged with child endangerment/bodily injury. Crisp is a prosecutor for Polk County.

Serenity was found with multiple bruises by her daycare provider last month. A complaint from November 15th says Crisp admitted to hitting her for pooping in her diaper. The protesters, some whom had taken care of Serenity at one point, want Crisp to know what he did to her was wrong.

Why is he doing that? Kids are supposed to poop in their diaper," said Aubrey Ortiz, who is related to the child.

"Diapers are for pooping and really, I mean, I wouldn't hit my kid if they pooped in their diaper, I would change them," said Serenity's former placement parent Tabitha Madren.

The protestors were calling on Crisp to be fired as a county prosecutor; he is currently still being allowed to work. He pleaded not guilty and will be in court December 7th for a preliminary hearing.