Renewable Fuel Volume Obligations Released

The Environmental Protection Agency has released the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Volume Obligations.

Ethanol was maintained at its 15 billion gallon cap. Advanced biofuels and cellulosic ethanol were increased to 4.29 billion gallons; however, the 2018 biodiesel levels are being criticized because they were only boosted by 33 million gallons.

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Executive Director Monte Shaw says many expected the numbers, “Based on the 2018 biodiesel level finalized a year ago, biodiesel producers had every right to expect a 100 million gallon increase for 2018. But the EPA failed to raise the advanced biofuels level by an equal amount."

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says, "I’m disappointed that the EPA has chosen not to raise the biodiesel volume. By not raising the RFS levels, the EPA is discouraging investment and discouraging growth. That’s the opposite of what the Renewable Fuel Standard is designed to achieve.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst points to future numbers of the RFS says, "I am disappointed that the 2019 biodiesel numbers were held flat at the bare minimum level that the Administrator committed to. Moving forward, I will continue pressing the EPA to further bolster the biodiesel and cellulosic requirements."

Reynolds, Ernst and Shaw add they are pleased with the corn ethanol numbers.

Nearly a hundred members of the National Biodiesel Board are on Capitol Hill this week, they want lawmakers to reinstate the biodiesel tax credit, which expired last year.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was meeting with them today, the biodiesel board tweeted out that Grassley, "Addressed the National Biodiesel Board this morning, saying America is in a strong position to advance renewable energy, and it is good policy."

Grassley told reporters in a weekly press call on Wednesday he is committed to biodiesel tax incentives, "It ought to be increased, I'm committed to increasing it. It was brought up during our debate in writing the tax bill that's now before the United States Senate. There's 32 things, in other words 31 more than just the biodiesel tax credit that expire and need to be reauthorized. And it was decided by the finance committee that that would be done in a separate bill before the end of the year."