Des Moines Pet Owners: Don’t Forget to Renew Your Pet License


DES MOINES, Iowa — Pet licenses are required for both cats and dogs in the City of Des Moines, as well as many other cities in Iowa.

For Des Moines the deadline to renew or get a pet license and dog park pass is January 1.

To get your pet licensed you need to bring in all of their vaccination records and pay a fee.

  • $35 for non spayed or neutered animals
  • $15 for spayed or neutered animals
  • $5 for animals belonging to citizens over 65

City Clerk Diane Rauh said pet licenses and permits are important because it’s one of the easiest ways to return lost pets to their owners and makes sure they are up to date on shots, especially if they are interacting with other animals.

“We receive calls almost every day from people that have found a lost pet and want to get it returned quickly to the owner,” Rauh said.

If you plan on using the dog parks in Des Moines you need a dog park permit, as well as getting your dog licensed.

Dog park permits are $20.

“Once the dog is licensed, proof of vaccination, you come and get the permit and it really makes a whole safer environment for your dog, someone else’s dog or whatever because you know the dogs are up to date on vaccinations,” Des Moines Parks and Rec Marketing Supervisor Jen Fletcher said.

Pet licenses and dog park permits can be purchased at the Des Moines City Clerk’s Office, 400 East Court Avenue, Suite 116.