Metro School is Taking Advantage of ‘Computer Science Education Week’


DES MOINES, Iowa – Schools across the country are teaching students about Computer Science.

December 4th through the 10th is considered National Computer Science Education Week, where K-12 students learn about the field and different careers.

St. Theresa Catholic Schools Science Teacher Ronda McCarthy said it’s important to expose her students to different activities.

“It’s important for my students to get a taste of these things, so that if they do decide that they are interested in them, they have a little background knowledge,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy will have her students build robots, computers and participate in the “hour of code.”

McCarthy said the Hour of Code is when students go online and learn how to code on a website while doing activities.

Fifth grade student Wyatt Jones said computer science is his favorite subject.

“I like that it is kind of complicated. It makes you think and it helps you with problem solving,” Jones said.

Fifth grade student Ajhawer Guy said he likes how complicated computer science can be.

“I like how if you mess up with one thing, the whole thing is done for, and you have to restart. You could try again and try again and it could help with your strength in thinking,” Guy said.

McCarthy said she hopes her students feel prepared when they enter high school and take other science related courses.