Volume Obligations Reduce Cellulosic Numbers

The Environmental Protection Agency has released its final volume obligations for the 2018 Renewable Fuel Standard.

The Iowa Renewable Fuel Association says corn ethanol was unchanged by law and were pleased with that, but biodiesel got a lower than expected raise and cellulosic ethanol was cut seven percent to 288 million gallons.

Executive Director Monte Shaw says Iowa can produce a lot more cellulosic ethanol and there are a lot of ethanol plants here that are ready to make it. He calls the obligations disappointing.

"Everything is flatlined. There is no growth, there was no projection, and like I said, we have the capability to producing 20-30 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol just from corn kernel fiber in Iowa." Shaw says, "And they're projecting for the whole country 14 million gallons. That was not what the RFS was intended to do. The RFS was intended to move the market forward. Not to look backwards."

Shaw adds they are now moving on to the 2019 RFS numbers.