Testimony Continues in Finn Trial

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  On Tuesday, jurors in Nicole Finn's murder trial saw the pictures that went with the troubling circumstances surrounding Natalie Finn's death.

The court was shown a series of graphic pictures of the teen after her autopsy. The images showed Natalie's emaciated body covered with bruises and bed sores.

Doctor Francis Garitty, a medical examiner for the state, concluded Natalie died of starvation, also noting she had three bruises on the top of her head caused by blunt force trauma.

Nicole Finn's defense attorney said there is no medical proof that Natalie did not starve herself, but Amy DeMoney, a UnityPoint behavioral therapist who treated Natalie back in 2016, testified there was never any sign Natalie had an eating disorder. She did note, though, that Natalie had a problem with personal hygiene.

"She did admit that she felt like she needed to work on hygiene skills, and at that time she said she would only shower twice per week and would brush her teeth about once per month," DeMoney said. "I know that hygiene didn't seem to be a huge issue for her, I don't know that she understood the connection between her personal hygiene and the impact it would have on people around her."

Many unanswered questions remain as the trial continues.