Clarion Mystery at the Museum

CLARION, Iowa  --  At the Heartland Museum in Clarion, there was a reveal of a mystery last Saturday.

The public was told to come and view a piece of Iowa history that was donated to the museum. On display was a turn of the century cutter, or open sleigh, which had been fully restored. Lowell Hill donated the restored cutter to Heartland.

“The cutter is made by the Garland Buggy Company somewhere between 1898 and 1901,” said Melody Lager of the Heartland Museum. “It was in existence only three years and there’s still a lot of mystery to be found about the Garland Buggy Company.”

The buggy was bought and owned by J.B. Carpenter and his wife Susan.

“Susan was killed in an auto accident and it was passed down to her son and her granddaughter, Betty Hill, and fully restored by Amish people,” said Lager.

The Mystery at the Museum continues even after the unveiling of the cutter. Seems Lowell Hill could find no other sleigh built by the Garland Buggy Company. He has offered some reward money for anyone who can find another unit with brand name badge also produced by Garland.

Anyone with information about a Garland buggy or sleigh can call the Heartland Museum at 515-602-6000. You can also check their Facebook site. The museum is open by appointment in the winter.