TSA Rolls Out Changes to Screening of Electronics


DES MOINES, Iowa — As you’re preparing for the holidays the Des Moines International Airport staff is as well.

Tuesday morning, officials with the Transportation Security Administration shared some holiday travel advice along with information on new screening procedures for electronics.

Travelers will be required to place all electronics larger than a cell phone in bins for x-ray screenings. Currently, airport staff ask passengers to remove electronic devices bigger than a cell phone from carry-on bags at check points and place in bins with nothing on top or below them.

Officials say that helps TSA employees get clearer x-ray images and better identify any possible threats.

“Again, this is something that TSA announced at the end of July, and it’s because we’re looking at threats and looking at, um, to stay ahead of threats, and evolving threats. And one of the things we know is that electronics would be a good way to attempt to take something onto an aircraft,” said TSA Spokesperson Carrie Harmon.

The new procedure is set to be fully implemented at the Des Moines International Airport by January.

If you need information on what is allowed on flights you can check the TSA website.