Celebration of Life Honors Drake University Icon

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Drake University fight song was one of his favorites, the Knapp Center, a home away from home. Nobody loved drake more than Mr. Drake himself.

“It was his life. It was his passion. It was his love and he spread that love to every one of us,” says Drake University alumni, Dolph Pulliam.

Paul Morrison bled blue. After graduating in 1939, he spent the next 80 years with the university. Morrison was always involved with the athletic department with a knack for mentoring student athletes. Former Drake football and basketball standout Dolph Pulliam still lives by Morrison's advice.

“He taught me everything I do in my life, I’m not just representing Dolph Pulliam but I’m representing something bigger than Dolph Pulliam.”

Current student athlete, Nicole Newman plays on the softball team. She says too says Morrison taught her to play for something bigger than yourself. She says it’s her goal to help honor Morrison during her final two seasons.

“I just heard the other day that we will get little ‘PM’ patches for our jerseys. So that will be a big impact,” she smiled.

Morrision attended 700 drake football games and 80 Drake Relays, his presence will be undoubtedly missed at sporting event and especially his leadership.

“There’s not too many great models of people you can pattern your life after. It’s just right that people call him a legend because he was because he is,” says former Drake Relays Director, Brian Brown.

Morrision was 100 years old.