Natalie Finn’s Brother Testifies During Murder Trial of Mother

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Nicole Finn (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa – Wednesday marked day four of Nicole Finn’s murder trial.

For the first time during her trial for allegedly killing adopted daughter Natalie Finn, Nicole showed her emotions when her adopted son took to the stand.

As he testified that Natalie and his other adopted siblings had to ask for permission to use the bathroom and to eat – Nicole Finn shed some tears.

While he had regular access to food and the bathroom, he testified Natalie did not.

That’s a significant point prosecutors are trying to prove, that Natalie did not have regular access to food at home.

Our cameras were not allowed in the courtroom during his testimony because he is a minor.

Natalie Finn died in October of 2016 after suffering cardiac arrest due to starvation.

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