Siblings Testify in Nicole Finn Murder Trial

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Nicole Finn is standing trial for the murder of her daughter Natalie, allegedly causing her death by starving her.  Today Nicole Finn's other children were called to testify.

The court heard testimony from two of her adopted 16 year old sons.  Both were soft spoken and seemed prepared to face their mom in court.  Nicole Finn cried at times as each of her sons took the stand.

Nicole and her ex-husband Joseph Finn are accused of abusing one of the boys along with Natalie.  Today he testified that he and Natalie had to ask permission to use the bathroom or take a shower.  When they were allowed to they had to be supervised.

He said the same went for food in the home.  He testified that sometimes Nicole would be too busy to feed the kids. He remembers once going two weeks without food.

Pictures introduced in court Wednesday showed bedroom windows that were boarded up and an alarm on the door.  Nicole Finn's defense claims the doors were never locked.

Testimony in the trial continues on Thursday.  If convicted Finn faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

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