Ames Woman Offers Help With Little Free Thrift Shop

AMES, Iowa- When Lyndsay Nissen of Ames was attending a conference in Kentucky, she saw something which inspired her.

She noticed someone had taken the Little Free Library a step up, and opened a Little Free Thrift Shop.

Nissen came back to Ames, and noticed a small shed on some property she owns with her husband.

“ I love recycling, I thought this is something I could do,” said Nissen. “I had this little shed on the property and it wasn’t doing much, holding a couple of rakes.”

She got some material for shelving, and put the word out. Soon the small shed had all kinds of items donated for people in need.

The shop is open 24-7, Nissen does come by every other day or so, to keep things in order.

She said she’s had people come to drop off things, and help her organize.

“I ran into two really nice ladies they were super excited and they were fixing things up,” said Nissen. “They try to come every week and they’re really the spirit of it.”

Nissen said she has to sort a lot as she doesn’t have room for every donation that comes by.

The Little Free Thrift is part of a bigger creative effort by Nissan and her husband, as well as a community of artists. They have purchased the old DoBoy feed mill. It was built in 1951, and operated until 1971. It was then a car repair place. Now it will be a community of artists, with a coffee shop, performance space, and art gallery.

“This is for artists and small business entrepreneurs,” said Nissen. “We’re really trying to facilitate small business and also artists.”

You can look for information on the Facebook site for the artist organization Reliable Street