City of Johnston Looking for Opinions on Redevelopment Project

JOHNSTON, Iowa – The city of Johnston is in its next phase of redeveloping the intersection of 62nd Avenue and Merle Hay Road.

The redevelopment would create a Town Center that would include retail restaurants and entertainment.

Johnston City Council Member Matt Brown said the city sent out a survey and 79 percent of people are in favor of the redevelopment.

People have until December 31, 2017 to fill out the survey.

The redevelopment would cost around $100 million and Brown said most of it will come from private investors.

“The city has used resources that we have to buy portions of property as they become available. We don’t go in and take those properties. We buy them as they become available from the sellers. Then we assemble those properties. We make them available for developers, and then the developers will reimburse the city for those costs. So essentially it is a private development,” Brown said.

The city of Johnston’s Economic Development Manager Adam Plagge said the city is still in the designing phase.

“While we have a beautiful concept here drawn out by Confluence. We don’t know what the final result will look like, but we do want to have kind of a frame work for what the redevelopment will look like. We have looked at items such as the open space requirements, the types of businesses that can go in to the town center, all these different aspects. That is what is going to be considered by council coming up in the middle of December,” Plagge said.

People can voice their opinions starting December 11th at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting at Johnston City Hall.

The council will vote on a design after the new year.