Daughter, Police Testify to Condition of Home at Time of Natalie Finn’s Death

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  On Thursday jurors heard more about the condition of Nicole Finn's home and the physical condition of her four children.

Finn is on trial for First Degree Murder for the death of her daughter, Natalie.  She died in October 2016 after suffering cardiac arrest induced by starvation.  Nicole Finn is accused of withholding food, leading to her death.

Testimony on Thursday began with another of Finn's adopted children.  The 15-year-old girl says she was kept in the same filthy conditions that her brother testified to on Wednesday.  She says that Nicole Finn required each of the children to ask for permission to eat, shower or use the restroom.  She says Nicole Finn also supervised them as the did all three.

West Des Moines Police Detective Chris Morgan testified to the filthy conditions of the home as well.  He shared photos in court showing human waste in a bedroom closet and animals running rampant in the home.  Detective Morgan says throughout the investigation Nicole Finn had contradicting stories as to why the kids were so thin.

He shared a text message exchange from Nicole Finn's phone he says proves she was abusing the children.

"Why can't they do anything for themselves?"

"Why are they still peeing in there?"

"It's because I forgot to take them sometimes."

"Do you know how that would sound to outsiders?"

Jurors also heard from Brian VanSteenies, the Finn's landlord.  He testified that the home looked like a cave, with sheets hung over doors.  He says it smelled like a barn.

All the children who testified Wednesday and Thursday are minors and Channel 13 we will not release their names.