Nicole Finn’s Adopted Teenage Daughter Testifies Against Her

Nicole Finn (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Nicole Finn faced more testimony against her from another of her adopted children on Thursday morning.

Finn is charged with First Degree Murder for allegedly starving her teenage daughter Natalie to death.  She is also accused of abusing other children in the home.  On Wednesday Finn’s two 16-year-old son’s testified about their treatment in the Finn home.  On Thursday another adopted daughter confirmed what her siblings had said: they were denied regular access to food, bathrooms and hygiene care at home.

The sister testified that Natalie would try to reach out for help outside the home by posting a note that read “Need Food and Water” on a window.  The siblings would often try to sneak out to get food.  She says at the time of Natalie’s death the bedroom the siblings shared had no bed and a strong odor.  We are not revealing the names of any of Natalie Finn’s siblings.

Nicole Finn’s ex landlord testified that he entered the house in August 2016, a month before Natalie’s death, that the home smelled like a barn and felt like a cave.  He says sheets covered the windows, keeping the entire home dark.

Nicole Finn faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison if she is convicted of First Degree Murder.  Her estranged husband is awaiting trial for abusing the couple’s children as well.