Winter Fireworks Sales Begin Sunday in Iowa

MITCHELLVILLE, Iowa – Iowans will have the opportunity to purchase fireworks starting Sunday.

December 10th to January 3rd is when people can use the fireworks. However, every city has its own rules when you can use the explosives.

Co-owner of Simpa Farms, Tim Simpa said that he doesn’t know how many carriers people will find this time of the year.

“What we are looking at is it is December, it is Iowa, it’s cold. Of course Sunday is supposed to be in the 50s so we are kind of excited about that, but there are also some die-hards out there. People who just love pyrotechnics, they love fireworks. They are going to be out here buying fireworks, because it is an opportunity they can do it. Also, the fact that there is a few places in Central Iowa to get fireworks so I think that is going to help boost our crowds as well,” Simpa said.

Unlike the summer, fireworks carriers are required to have the items inside a building during this purchase period.

Simpa said he is expecting a good turnout on Sunday.

“They make great gifts for people to buy for. We also have a lot of stuff that could be great stocking stuffers. Small packs of firecrackers or bottle rockets make good stocking stuffers. There’s going to be people that can, or just find in July if you buy them now. There is people who can just come out and do a big show on their New Year’s Eve,” Simpa said.

The law states people can shoot fireworks off from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. with extended hours on New Year’s Eve during December 10th through January 3rd.

Some cities like Des Moines and West Des Moines have banned the use within city limits for the current period.

Simpa said to go online to your city’s website before purchasing fireworks to know whether you are eligible to set them off or not.

Simpa Farms is located at 3630 W 140th Street S Mitchellville, Iowa. The farm will begin selling fireworks at 9 a.m. Sunday.