Iowa’s First Winter Sale of Fireworks is Underway

MITCHELLVILLE, Iowa – It’s once again legal to buy fireworks in some parts of Iowa.

Fireworks, unless banned by individual cities, are now legal to buy and set off until January 3rd.

This is the state's first winter selling season. Unlike in the summer months, these fireworks must be stored and sold in a permanent structure and not in a tent.

One vendor in Mitchellville says that’s no problem.

"In the summer, there is a lot more competition because it's not so bad to stand out in the summer months in a tent. The downside to selling these fireworks in a tent in the summer is Iowa's humidity and Iowa's thunderstorms. These get wet, they don't work so well. In here, we got the air-conditioning so even in bad weather we do really well for our business. In the winter, nobody's going to stand out in a tent in freezing temperatures in Iowa,” says Tim Sipma, co-owner of Sipma Farms.

Many cities in the metro have banned the use of fireworks this winter. Those include Ankeny, Clive, Des Moines, Waukee, West Des Moines, and Windsor Heights.