Carter vs. Carter: ‘Deep Down I Don’t Think My Dad Could Do This’

KNOXVILLE, Iowa  --  Tuesday in the Carter vs. Carter civil lawsuit, the judge and jury traveled to Bill Carter's Lacona farm home to take a tour and see the house where Shirley Carter died in 2015.

The kitchen where Shirley Carter was found. (WHO-HD)

The floor of the kitchen was replaced after Shirley's death, and Bill bought a new refrigerator because the other one was ruined by a bullet on the day of the incident.

What is now a small office area is a point of interest in the case because it was part of the apparent “staged robbery.”

Later in the day, Bill's attorney, Mark Weinhardt, called Jason Carter to the stand and Jason said in his heart he doesn't believe his father could have killed his mother.

Office area in the Carter home. (WHO-HD)

"Deep down I don’t think my dad could do this, but my attorneys have shown me otherwise," Jason said.

Weinhardt also questioned Jason about his affair with Tara Kauzlarich and more about the crime scene.

Weinhardt said, "Isn't it true sir, that you started to say the sentence ‘she was terrified’ because you were there when she was shot?” Jason answered, “No. No.”

Then Weinhardt said, “I want you to look at the jury and tell them the truth. And the truth sir, is that as she stood in the doorway of the house where she raised you in, in her socked feet, you shot your mother to death?” Jason answered, “Absolutely not.”

Then Weinhardt asked, “Are you incapable of giving your father any peace? And telling us today what you did?”

Jason replied, “My dad's never going to have any peace. He'll never stop and he won't stop here and he won’t stop after this is over."

Jason's attorney Steve Wandro finished the day by beginning his cross examination and going through Jason’s timeline of June 19th, 2015.

Jason Carter will be back on the stand on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.