Governor ‘Strongly, Strongly Disagrees’ With King’s Tweet on Diversity But Keeps Him on Leadership Team

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is keeping Republican Congressman Steve King on her campaign re-election team, despite bipartisan criticism he has received for his comments about diversity.

King tweeted these comments on Friday:

On Tuesday morning, after a reporter asked her about King's comments, Governor Reynolds responded, "I strongly, strongly disagree with that statement. I don't believe that that's reflective of Iowans. I don't believe that's reflective of Iowa values. I believe that diversity has made this state and this country stronger."

The governor added, "I'm not going to get involved in the Twitter war. I'm not going to participate in that."

When asked if she plans on keeping King as her campaign co-chair, Reynolds responded, "Yes."

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann tweeted an apparent response to King's comments on Sunday.

Republicans' only African American U.S. Senator, Tim Scott of South Carolina, said on Sunday of King's comments, "Very little that I can do about people who speak ignorantly." Scott added, "The bottom line is both when Steve King and Tim Scott arrived in this country, we were actually creating diversity because the Native Americans were already here. So that is just a ridiculous statement.”

Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price had called on Reynolds to drop King from her campaign. After she declined to do that, Price released this statement:

“Governor Reynolds is putting partisanship ahead of Iowa values. This is not about just one comment from Steve King, it’s about his pattern of divisive and vile behavior. By keeping Steve King on her campaign team, Kim Reynolds is sending the message to all Iowans that she thinks his un-patriotic ideology is okay as long as it helps her politically.” 

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