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Iowa Native Hoping for Spot in ‘The Voice’ Finale

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IOWA  --  The top eight contestants on The Voice are waiting to hear who makes it into the top four for next week's season finale.

Among them is Adam Cunningham of Davenport. He started Monday night's show singing a country ballad. No matter the outcome on Tuesday night, Cunningham said he's already had some victory.

"It would mean a lot to move on to the finale. It's been a long year that we've done a lot of work to be even to this point, and to be in the finale would be phenomenal. But even just making it this far, I know it sounds cliche, but it's opened up so many doors for us, no matter what happens, I don't feel like I'm losing at all."

America's vote will determine the top three artists for the finale, with the fourth coming from an instant save.

The Voice airs on Tuesday at 7 p.m.