Jurors Preparing for Verdict in Finn Trial

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Testimony in Nicole Finn’s trial is over, and closing arguments will begin on Wednesday morning.

Prosecutors' last witness, Dr. James Dennert, refuted the testimony of the defense's only witness, another psychiatrist, Dr. Carlo Giacomino.

Dennert acknowledges that Nicole Finn suffers from severe depression and PTSD, but testifies there is no medical proof those disorders affect her decision-making process. He also said Finn had no symptoms of those mental disorders prior to Natalie's death.

The defense cross-examined Dennert, who maintained the argument that Nicole knowingly starved Natalie and her siblings.

“There is nothing in Giacomino's report or what was supplied to me that would suggest she did," Dennert said.

Wednesday is the last chance for attorneys to make their case before jurors head to the deliberation room.