West Liberty Police Spreading Holiday Cheer During Traffic Stops

WEST LIBERTY, Iowa  --  Some police officers in eastern Iowa chose not to be grinches this year to drivers who break the law, opting instead to spread some holiday cheer.

Instead of traffic tickets, officers in West Liberty gave out vouchers for a free turkey on Monday. The "Turkeys, Not Tickets" campaign is sponsored by a local grocery store and is meant to brighten the day of unsuspecting drivers. The city's police chief says officers typically see people at their worst, so it's important to them for citizens to see a more positive side of the police force.

"I actually got a big smile on my face. It was pretty cool, actually. I was a little nervous when I saw the cop walking up and he was like, 'license and registration.' He was so serious I couldn't tell," said one unsuspecting driver.

"Get me kick started into the Christmas spirit, that's for sure," said another.

The West Liberty police had initially approached West Liberty Foods to get a handful of turkeys, but instead got 100 vouchers totaling $1,500.