Zoo Upgrades Lion Cub’s Condition, Announces Naming Opportunities

DES MOINES, Iowa – The Blank Park Zoo is providing an update on its recently-born African Lion cubs.

The cubs were born to lioness Neema on November 14. There were five cubs in the litter, but only three survived – two females and a male.

Caretakers had initially been worried about the male’s health as he was behind on his growth, so he received supplemental feeding.

Zoo officials now say his condition has been upgraded from “guarded” to “fair” and though the cub is smaller, he is “keeping up” with his sisters.

“He is continuing to gain weight and we haven’t needed to supplement his diet for several days,” said Dr. June Olds, chief veterinary programs officer.

The zoo is also announcing naming opportunities for the cubs. They’ve announced the public can suggest a name in return for a $50 donation. Donations of $100 or more will allow up to three suggestions to be submitted.

The zoo will release the finalists for names on January 11 and the public can vote online. The names of the cubs will be announced January 19th.

The zoo strongly recommends that the suggested names be from an African language.