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Carter vs. Carter: Defense Rests Its Case

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa -- The final day of questioning was very emotional for everyone in the Marion County courtroom.

Defense Attorney Steve Wandro called Bill Carter’s son in law, D.W. Lain to the stand.

Lain says Bill pushed Jana away when he found out Jason and Jana were talking a lot before Shirley’s death and found that suspicious.

"We went and put the stone out with him and then that time that he called about the 250 phone calls. He also told me then to tell Jana not to put anymore flowers on her mom’s grave. Jana put a grave blanket on last year in 2016 and it left. And Jana kept up the flowers," Lain said.

Lain said this lawsuit has really divided the family.

“It's torn everybody apart. Torn completely apart,” Lain said.

Bill says he doesn’t have much of a relationship with any of his children besides Billy.

Jason says his dad started accusing him of killing his mother two days after she died.

“My dad lowered his fist real slow onto the table and looked at me and said ‘I`ve got it figured out.’ I heard that before when he was blaming someone else and he was looking at me,” Jason said.

Then Wandro asked, “What was your response?”

Jason replied, “I couldn’t believe it. Just by the look on his face.”

Jason says multiple times, deep down, he doesn’t believe his dad could have killed his mom but his attorneys showed him otherwise.

Both Bill and Jason deny that either of them killed Shirley Carter.

Bill’s Attorney Mark Weinhardt asked, “And the truth sir is that as she stood in the doorway of the house where she raised you in her socked feet you shot your mother to death?”

Jason replied, “Absolutely not.”

Wandro asked Bill, “Sir, isn’t it true that really the reason you became so upset, that you took the life of your wife was because she was ready to leave you?”

Bill replied, “Mr. Wandro, my wife was never going to leave me and I not leave her. We loved each other for 52 years. D. Lain was right. I changed after she died.”

Closing arguments are expected Friday morning.

The jury could begin deliberating Friday afternoon.

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