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Fort Dodge Landowner Facing Foreclosure of a Unique Farm Property

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FORT DODGE, Iowa- A Fort Dodge landowner is facing foreclosure on his farm south of Fort Dodge.

William Casady said that a series of events led to his losing a business, and now his farm. Before the land goes to someone else, Casady is letting people visit his farm.

“I let a few people I know hunt out here, but I let them know what they can and can’t shoot,” said Casady.

The property goes along the scenic Des Moines River. It also extends to a bluff high over the river. There is over 80 acres of farm ground, and over 100 acres of wooded land.

The property has a cave, which was once a gypsum mine. There are also sink holes due to the mining in past years underground.

“Some places over there’s like 70 feet deep there’s a couple places out there where I can actually walk across it because it’s three separate sinkholes,” said Casady. “It’s been that way for years.”

The farm also has an old community center moved here years ago from Vincent, Iowa. That building was used for high stakes gambling, prior to casinos opening in Iowa.

“It breaks my heart I can’t member last time I slept all night,” said Casady. “But I can’t seem to get anybody to help around here, nobody wants to interfere with whatever is going on.”

The Vietnam Veteran has had his share of challenges in the past with law enforcement, but now he is hoping he can find a way to figure out how he might keep this farm.

Casady welcomes visitors to the property. The best way to reach him is via text at 515-570-7457l

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