Jury Finds Jason Carter Responsible for Death of Shirley Carter

KNOXVILLE, Iowa -- The jury in the Carter vs. Carter wrongful death lawsuit found Jason Carter responsible for the death of his mother, Shirley Carter.

“Question one: did defendant Jason Carter batter Shirley Carter causing damages to plaintiffs? Answer: yes. Question two: did plaintiff Bill G. Carter batter Shirley Carter and damages to her estate answer? No,” Judge Martha Mertz said.

The jury also awarded $250,000 dollars for pain and suffering and awarded $10 million to the estate.

Bill Carter's attorney Mark Weinhardt says the jury gave them everything they asked for.

“All of us on the plaintiffs side are thrilled to have a first step in the direction of justice for Shirley Carter. This was a hardworking and very attentive jury. They got to the truth and they did so today, efficiently. I’m proud of them and happy to have them do that,” Weinhardt said.

Jason Carter declined to comment immediately following the trial. His attorneys, Steve Wandro and Alison Kanne, said they wanted to talk to their client before making a formal comment.

The jury heard closing arguments from Weinhardt and Kanne about three hours before they decided on the verdict. Both attorneys said they wanted justice.

“You have a rare opportunity to do justice in this case. You can’t heal all of Bill Carter’s wounds. You can’t begin to, but you can start. Today is when we get justice for Shirley Carter,” Weinhardt said.

“You have an opportunity to clear this man’s name. This man who’s been treated horribly despite never having been charged with a crime, because there is no evidence. Think about what’s been presented to you and whether or not that was proof enough that Jason somehow did this and whether or not you’re willing to say that, ‘yes, he committed this crime based on nothing.’ Do justice. Clear his name,” Kanne said.

Weinhardt said Bill Carter will be available on Monday for a statement.