Reception Held for Ames Outgoing Mayor and Councilman

AMES, Iowa  --  The City of Ames held a reception on Friday for outgoing Mayor Ann Campbell and outgoing City Councilman Peter Orazem.

Campbell has served Ames as mayor for the past 12 years. Prior to that, she was on the city council for 16 years. After four years off, she was asked to run for mayor.

“I liked the people who I got to meet, both in City Hall, as well as the people who come to town, come to conferences, come to Iowa State University,” said Campbell. “That’s been an opportunity I could not exchange for anything, so I’ve been very pleased to have that opportunity.”

Campbell said sometimes the job could be hard, especially after a long city council meeting. She told a gathering of well-wishers the one thing she did not like about being mayor was that she did not vote on city council deliberations.

“In fact, just the other day, I was wishing I could vote on a matter we were discussing,” said Campbell.

John Haila was elected mayor of Ames when Campbell decided not to run this time.

“I’m definitely out of government now, I certainly am going to stay in Ames, which is been my home,” said Campbell. “It’s where I got married, raised children, and have enjoyed having them come back here, so Ames will remain home.”

A number of Campbell’s family members came to Ames for the occasion.

“Since I’ve had no immediate family in Ames, the city has been my family,” said Campbell.

Peter Orazem decided not to run again, as he will accept an academic stint with a university in Europe in 2018.

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