Soybean Association Talks Annual Policy

Farmer delegates from around the state set policy priorities for the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) at it's annual conference in Ankeny.

Farmers hashed out what policy has been, what needs to change, and where it should go now.

Locally, the Soybean Association says the top legislative concern is water quality. With a tight budget year, they've been meeting with legislators and Governor Kim Reynolds.

Nationally some of the top concerns are on the trade and tax policy.

Carol Balvanz the Policy Director at ISA says, "Tax reform are big on farmers minds. They're land owners, they pay a lot of property taxes and income taxes. A lot of other kinds of taxes and the tax code is something you learn to deal with as a business person over time. And so when it changes, you have to figure out how the changes are going to fit into your operation and that's a lot of what our farmers are concerned about now."

Another big concern nationally is the farm bill. While ISA doesn't expect any cuts there, what the Legislative Branch does with the money it has will be the challenge.

ISA Director of Environmental Programs Roger Wolf says they are hoping for a strong conservation title in the bill, "They're going to be looking at extending some of our working land programs. I'm sure they'll be looking at CRP and and how that relates. And really what we need to do is find ways to get more bang for the buck out of those limited federal dollars."