Opening of Gubernatorial Campaign Headquarters Doubles as Day of Action

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  One of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates held a day of action celebrating the opening of the campaign's headquarters.

Nate Boulton spoke at the opening of his campaign's Des Moines office on Sunday. The day of action was also a call for signatures and campaign donations.

Boulton had just finished visiting all 99 counties and spoke about how--despite a Republican majority in the state and federal levels--he feels Democrats are once again connecting with voters. He also pushed back at Republican Congressman Steve King, who had tweeted that diversity doesn't make the country stronger.

"As we look at the opportunity we have in this state and the history we've had as being  a welcoming community that has been made stronger by those who have come here to make a better life forward, we want to embrace that," said Boulton. "Not diminish that, not challenge that or put up more obstacles. We want to see people come to this state and improve our quality of life and their own quality of life in the process."

The Democrats running for governor battle in the primary on June 5th.