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Historic Centerville Home Now a Shopping Destination

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CENTERVILLE, Iowa  --  The Bradley House is known around Centerville as a local historic home that is now in use as a type of shopping mall.

The Bradley House was built in 1909 by Centerville Coal Baron D.C. Bradley. The home contained a large ballroom on the third floor for parties for area residents. The home also featured his and hers bedrooms.

The home was restored to its original glory by another successful area resident, Morgan Cline.

“The Morgan Cline Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by Morgan Cline, who was a marketing executive in New York who is responsible for designing ad campaigns for groups like Pfizer,” said Allison Fraser, CEO of the Morgan Cline Foundation, which runs the home, now called Bradley Hall.

Bradley Hall is a business home to approximately 40 vendors selling arts, crafts, collectables, or even fudge. The vendors can rent a room, part of a room, or even just a shelf to start the business.

“They can come in here for a very low price, set up a shop, and then do business here on their off hours,” said Fraser. “So if they have a full-time job or a day job, they can do that and still be a vendor here.”

Some of the vendors have gone on to open a full store on the huge Centerville Square.

Morgan Cline wanted to set up the home with a revenue stream, which is why it was opened to retail.

"I’m jazzed about this concept because I think a lot of nonprofits and charities, there’s only so much they can do with a nonprofit model alone,” said Fraser. “I think that having some sort of business perspective makes them able to sustain themselves longer-term.”

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