Travel Tips for the Holiday Weekend

DES MOINES, Iowa – According to Iowa State Patrol holiday travel will be at its highest Friday night and Saturday.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Alex Dinkla said to look at the weather before starting holiday travels.

“Make sure you just always pay attention to the road. Make sure that you slow down. Leave extra following distance between you and the other car ahead of you. Just make sure you always really pay attention, because there is always going to be a car that might be stalled on the road or an in-attendant driver, so just make sure to pay attention as you’re driving,” Dinkla said.

In case of an emergency a car should have a bag of the following:

  • Blanket
  • Hat, Gloves and scarfs
  • Hand warmers
  • At least one water bottle
  • Some form of imperishable snack
  • Extra phone charger
  • Car scraper
  • Jumper cords
  • Some form of reflective tape/ item

Trooper Dinkla said it is important to keep an eye on your gas tank at all times.

“So you want to make sure you have plenty of gas. Keep an eye on your gas gauge, but if you happen to go in to the ditch you want to make sure you don’t run your car too long. If you do start your car, if you happen to be in the ditch make sure your exhaust is totally clear and it is not blocked. Because then you could have some carbon monoxide poisoning,” Dinkla said.

Trooper Dinkla said to give yourself extra time when traveling on the roads this holiday weekend.