Waiting Until the Last Minute to Finish Christmas Shopping Proves to be Challenging

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Christmas shopping is tough enough when you know what you're looking for, but when you don't even have that figured out, forget about it.

"I don't know what I'm getting," said shopper Steven Rus, who was doing some last-minute holiday shopping on Friday night for his grandparents and his mother. "I think that's what a lot of people, they're kind of panicked, you know? They don't know what they're coming to get, and you know, expectations are high for a lot of people at Christmas and I don't know what I'm going to get. We'll find out. Hopefully I can find something."

Stephanie Bandow said she was almost done but just had a couple more things to pick up. Bandow described the scene inside Jordan Creek Town Center as crazy, with lots of people and long lines.

"It's just finding the time, because I work and so then trying to get it done after work and on the weekends, and I try to stay away with the mall on the weekends quite honestly, especially during Christmas," said Bandow.

Waiting until the last minute to get all of your Christmas shopping done has its consequences.

"The hardest part about doing last-minute shopping is, like, coming and trying to find parking spots," said Mackenzie Kane. "It's been really crazy and it's really hectic, everywhere in the mall. There's a lot of looking and trying to find stuff and people are running out of things, and that's kind of hard, too."

Not many people usually plan on waiting until the last minute, it just happens. Deb Buckner started her shopping online on Cyber Monday and has continued shopping the last few weeks at the mall. Buckner likes to have everything done by now, preferably the middle of December, but that didn't happen this year.

"I prefer to try and avoid the crowds," said Buckner.

"I prefer to have mine done by Thanksgiving," said Angie Taylor. "I've got a lot of shipping to do. I'm not going to have my shipping done in time, so I'm gonna ship it the day after Christmas and I like to get everything shipped by December 1st, so I am really far behind."