Mercy Hospital Families Receive Special Christmas Delivery

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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Families at Mercy Hospital got a special Christmas delivery and a visit from the jolly man in red on Christmas Day.

Mike Vogel and his family found themselves in the hospital for the holiday when he found a lump on his son Brayden’s face that had to be removed.

“Santa Claus has been here twice, I think. Keeping them entertained. It’s actually not been bad. Really more toys here than we have at home,” Vogel said.

To make this holiday time in the hospital more bearable, an Ankeny family made 232 blankets with love–and it all started when they were in the same situation not long ago.

“Around the holidays in 2013, unfortunately Ben and I were in the hospital. We delivered a baby too soon. And so our daughters, actually the child life specialist, actually came in and gave them blankets and it was a way to comfort them at a time that was really hard for our family. And so that’s the first time we received our tie blankets, and a few years later Ben and Charlotte developed the project,” Kelsey Huebsch said.

Brayden, Gavin, and Ella Vogel all received special blankets.

“Seeing their whole family, like, really happy and putting the smile on their faces from all the warmth of the blanket, it makes them feel really happy. So that’s probably my favorite part,” Charlotte Huebsch said.

Vogel said it was a wonderful surprise on their last day in the hospital.

“It’s awesome keeps them occupied. They get kind of stir crazy when they’re all three stuck in this room,” Vogel said.

Ben and Charlotte went door to door to collect money for the project and made a video to share with their friends so they could make as many blankets as possible.

“I always tell people this is my proudest day of the year because we get to see the results of all this hard work. Seeing the looks on the faces of the families is just priceless,” Ben Huebsch said.

Brayden and his family got to go home for the rest of Christmas Day to their loved ones who postponed the festivities so they could all be together.

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