Oklahoma Student Looking for ‘Guardian Angel’ Who Saved Her After Car Accident

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Stratford, Oklahoma (KFOR) — A young woman wants to thank two kind strangers after she received an anonymous, kind note and then was pulled from the scene of an accident, which happened minutes later, by a mystery man.

“My app, I have the Waze app, and it was taking me a different way and I didn’t know why,” Julia Jolly told News 4.

Jolly told News 4 she needed to get to I-35 and later learned this detour was the only way.

She decided to stop for gas in Shawnee before taking the detour.

“I fill it up and I went to the bathroom and I look outside and I see this guy. I’m like okay, why is he going to my car? So, I locked it,” Jolly said.

When she got back, she found a note that said, “For gas, Love Jesus,” and included a $10 bill.

“I was like, oh, that’s cool, okay, thanks. That’s really cool. So, I just set it on my passenger side,” Jolly said.

About 45 minutes after that kind gesture, things took a terrifying turn.

“I think the back wheel kind of spun out and then I just remember going to the right, my body went to the right. I remember a strong force so I think I fish tailed and spiraled down,” Jolly said.

Jolly crashed into a wooded area and she said she blacked out.

Fortunately, a man she considers a guardian angel came to her rescue.

“I saw this man coming down. I don’t know how he, I know my back windshield was blown out, and all my jackets were back there. He grabbed my jacket and got on the hood. He didn’t really say anything to me,” Jolly said.

Then she heard him say this would be the only way out, referencing the windshield.

“That’s all he said to me. So he just started peeling it back, and he had my jacket,” Jolly said.

He got her out safely, and she only had a few bumps and bruises.

“I always pray protection over my kids and I know they belong to Him. So I said okay, you’ve provided what she needs,” Tiffany Betterton, Jolly’s mom, said. “They said there’s no blood. She hasn’t broken anything.”

Jolly never got the chance to thank the kind stranger who left her the note, or the man who rescued her.

She only got his first name, which was Kevin, and she noticed he was driving a red Jeep or Hummer.

“It didn’t hit me until I was in the ambulance. I was like, I probably wouldn’t have gotten out of there. The EMT was giving me some facts like, two weeks ago we pulled a soldier out of there and he died,” Jolly said.

Betterton said this was a true Christmas miracle.

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