How to Keep Kids Entertained During Winter Break

URBANDALE, Iowa  --  With winter break in full swing, it might be difficult finding activities to do with your children each day.

Nicole Opfer, owner of dsm4kids, said it's important to mix up activities and make sure to stay active.

“The best thing, I feel like, is when we got a Wii. If you can have those interactive games where they move and they are not stationary. If there is anything like that you can incorporate while they are sitting,” Opfer said.

Opfer suggests taking kids to the library and designating reading time each day. Making simple arts and crafts at home or doing activities like roller skating or ice skating can also be a fun use of time.

“We also do things like work in some chores. I think it is a good time of year to get your thank you’s done for your gifts, whether they were from Santa or family or friends. Kids can do those and write them themselves,” Opfer said.

Dsm4kids lists various activities in different cities. Check the calendar to see what day you are planning an outdoor activity.

For example, Indianola Public Library will host a winter break movie at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.