Waukee Fire Chief Gives Life and Property Saving Fire Prevention Tips

WAUKEE, Iowa -- The Waukee Fire Chief says due to the large amount of damage that was done to an apartment building construction site in that community over the weekend, it's going to be difficult to determine an exact cause and origin of the fire. Chief Clint Robinson says right now the fire department is in the interview process with a lot of the subcontractors that had been working in the building, before it burned to the ground Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, Chief Robinson is preaching fire prevention, saying that's the key to avoiding a fire from destroying your property.

“When you’re talking about the mechanical systems of a home, preventative maintenance is the biggest thing that we talk about," said Chief Robinson. "So, it’s having professionals look at your mechanical systems, your heating and cooling systems. We try and tell people limit the use of drop cords, making sure that combustibles are away from space heaters and things like that. If you have to use them, make sure you know how to use them."