Flood Warning

Frigid Temperatures Cause Increased Need for Towing

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Randy Crow, the owner of Crow Tow in Des Moines, is towing 70-100 smashed vehicles a day.

“The past two years have been quiet, very quiet. The subzero combined with snow is kind of a like a one-two punch," Crow said.

The last couple of winters, Crow towed most vehicles because of dead batteries or because they were stuck in the snow--but this winter is different.

“The number one problem right now is bridges. The bridges are all glazed over, and that's where most of the accidents are today," Crow said.

Channel 13 meteorologists say subzero temperatures, wind chills, and recent snowfall are to blame for unsafe driving conditions.

“They are causing accidents, hitting guard rails, hitting other cars," Crow said.

Anti-icing chemicals used on roads aren't working, but Crow expects his work load to lessen, along with the number of weather-related accidents.

"Now that we're into the first of the year I think people have their legs under them, know how to drive, and I think you’ll see the accidents drop,” Crow said.

If you find yourself driving on a slick road, Crow urges you to drive slowly, straight, and limit how much you step on the brake.

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