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Church’s Decades-Old Stained Glass Window of Christ to be Repaired

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- "Some would call it an old-fashioned window," said Rachel Thorson Mithelman, Senior Pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church. "I would say it is a rather timeless contribution to our life of worship over all the decades that St. John's has been here."

St. John's on 6th Avenue was built during The Great Depression, in the style of a small European cathedral.

"When the window was put in, it was too bright," said Mithelman. "The area around the Christ figure, which is gold, people found it blinding when the sun was pouring through. So the window was taken out, and there are some black etchings that were added to the gold so that it wasn't so blinding to the congregation."

And now, decades later, the iconic stained glass window needs some more work.

"The window is 80 years old and stained glass sags and buckles with age, and it is needed for the sake of the future that this repair be done," saidĀ Mithelman.

The process will start this week and take about six months to complete.

"From the top down, they explain that it will be taken out, kind of like dominos falling while they trace the pattern, and then they will fill the space with plywood, with a white covering on it and take the entire window, all the glass, to the shop in the Quad Cities," saidĀ Mithelman.

Once there, the glass will be cleaned and repaired.

"This sanctuary is a beautiful house of worship and the window, this Christ window, is a focal point of the sanctuary," said Mithelman. "It is very much used by parishioners and worshipers as a point for meditation."

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