Django Closing Its Doors in Des Moines … For Now

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  One of the most popular restaurants in downtown Des Moines is closing its doors temporarily as it searches for a new home.

The owners of “Django” announced on Wednesday that it is being forced to move due to renovations at the Hotel Fort Des Moines.  The last day of service at the restaurant on 10th Street will be Saturday, February 17th.

Owners say they are already searching for a new home.  In a Facebook post Chef George Formaro says he and the Orchestrate team who own and manage the restaurant don’t want patrons to see this as an ending.

“It will certainly be an emotional month as we approach the date of our final service at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. We hold dear our memories that took place in this space – the countless birthday and anniversary parties, wedding proposals, engagement parties and rehearsal dinners alongside those everyday celebrations with good times, good friends and good food!”