Iowa’s Sub-Zero Cold Takes Toll on Peacock Flock

MINDEN, Iowa- The sub-zero cold in Iowa this week has taken a toll on a bird flock in western Iowa. Dennis Fett, and his wife, Debra Buck operate a farm called the Peacock Information Center, south of Minden.

With the cold weather 10 birds have been lost this week. The birds are a part of the peafowl breeding stock, which eggs are sold to people all over the country.

“As of this moment ten, of those three were outside birds, that actually survived the tornado, but they didn’t survive this winter’s 20 below temperatures, no matter what I did,” said Fett “We’ve had 25 below below zero right on this farm back in 1989, and nothing happened.” A tornado struck the farm in 2014.

Fett, who is know by some as "Mr. Peacock," has heated water for the birds, and has on some occasions taken a few birds into his house. He would like to some day build an insulated barn.

Fett has written a book on Peacocks, which has sold over 20,000 copies. He and his wife also have a YouTube Channel devoted to Peacocks, and exploring Iowa tourism sites.

Fett was asked how he got started raising peacocks.

“It was all my wife’s fault, I gave her a pet pig has an engagement gift,” said Fett. “It was the runt pig Charlie lived 800 pounds and died suddenly after we got married, I said what do you want next, she said ‘peacocks’ I’m glad she didn’t say elephants.”

Fett said the farm will not be selling any peachick eggs this year but hope to be back in business in the near future.

If you would like to hear more about the cold weather on the farm, you can check out  the Mr. Peacock YouTube site  here.