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Cracked Pipe Leaves Des Moines Non-Profit Without Water

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  A cracked pipe at Creative Visions in Des Moines means the non-profit is without water, but those who run the organization aren't letting that stop them from doing their work.

Executive director Ako Abdul-Samad said they learned the crack happened last Friday night in the bitter cold, after discovering they didn't have any water Saturday morning.

He said the community came together, including Hy-Vee, which donated hundreds of gallons of water. Abdul-Samad said the Plumbers and Steam Fitters Union were the ones who helped find the break.

Creative Visions can't hold their typical dinner service, but will be providing meals to-go for the community. Abdul-Samad said when it's this cold and people need food to eat, something like a pipe can't get in the way.

“We're going to have our meals, our meals to-go, we have that, and the dishes, we're going to take the dishes to my house and we're going to do dishes at my house because I don't live far from here, and then we'll come back,” he said.

Abdul-Samad is unsure how long Creative Visions will be without water.