Iowa Lawmakers Returning for 2018 Legislative Session

IOWA  --  On Monday morning, Iowa lawmakers return to the Statehouse for the start of the legislative session.

Money matters may be the most pressing issue, and a lawsuit also hangs over the session. Sioux City Democratic Representative Chris Hall sued Governor Kim Reynolds last week. He claims she didn't have the legal authority to transfer $13 million from emergency reserves to close the books on the last fiscal year budget that ended in June. Hall says the law only allows the governor to transfer that money on her own if revenue forecasts were 0.5% off, and in this case revenues were only 0.15% off.

The governor's office dismissed the suit as political, but it is unlikely the court will decide on the suit before the upcoming session ends this spring, though.

Lawmakers need to find nearly $40 million in savings on this year's budget and deal with less than expected revenue growth for next year's budget, too.