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Des Moines City Council Swears in Two New Members

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The start of the new year brings two newly-elected officials to the City of Des Moines.

On Monday, council members Connie Boesen and Josh Mandelbaun were sworn onto the Des Moines City Council at their first council meeting. Boesen holds the city's at-large seat, after serving 14 years on the Des Moines School Board. She says she's leaning on her experience in local politics to help with her new job.

"One thing I have learned from being an elected official in a large capacity is that you can't make everybody happy, but you can work to bridge that and work with them on how to find a solution."

Boesen took over the seat after former council member Skip Moore.

Residents living in the third ward also have a new representative. This is Josh Mandelbaum's first time as an elected official, as he replaces long-time council member Christine Hensley. Mandelbaum works at the Environmental Law and Policy Center and is an advocate for water quality. He says issues like that have a lasting impact on Des Moines' future generations.

"I grew up here. My wife and I are raising our kids here. We want this community to work well for them and for others who are a part of this community for years in the future," he says.

Council member Bill Gray was also sworn in again. He was re-elected to serve the ward one district.