Healthy Balance Needed for Students to Excel on High School Finals

DES MOINES, Iowa – Throughout the next week or two metro high school students will be taking finals, and it is recommended students get a healthy balance of food while he or she is studying.

According to Unity Point Coordinator for The All Kids Healthy Program, Julia Richards Krapfl said a student studying for finals cannot drastically change his or her diet at the end of the semester, but should be consistent.

“You want good nutrition, good sleep, all these kinds of things, physical activity all the time, because that is going to help kids learn as they are going through the semester. We can’t all a sudden when we are having Iowa assessments, MAP testing or finals make these changes and think that ‘oh now I am going to eat breakfast and that’s going to help.’ These things need to be happening all the time because that improves your learning, which is then going to improve your finals,” Richards Krapfl said.

Richards Krapfl said students should not consume more than one caffeinated drink each day. However, if their diet currently is more than one to not change it until finals are over.

Richards Krapfl said it is important to stay active while studying for finals.

“You know walking up and down the stairs a few times. Just getting up and getting some more movement in to your day. Or, going and having a conversation with mom and dad or with a sibling. Play with your pet or something like that. Just something to kind of take your mind off of that and hit refresh,” Richards Krapfl said.

Richards Krapfl recommends to focus on a single subject for up to an hour before taking a study break.

“If kids aren’t getting an adequate amount of sleep, then that studying does not matter,” Richards Krapfl said.

Richards Krapfl said teens should be getting between eight to 10 hours of sleep each night, and to stop studying around 10 p.m.